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Why Fiction?

The Extricated Soul is fiction and fantasy based in alternative spirituality. For me, fiction writing is a form of expression that allows me to go beyond the pigeon holes of life. In some way, it is writing the story to match a new paradigm. It allows me to explore Spiritual principles in a way I think a spiritual or non-spiritual person could hear. To delve into spiritual beliefs through storytelling was very gratifying. I have read many spiritual books over the years from Native American spirituality, African spirituality, Tibetan, Mayan, New age ancient wisdom, Buddhist teachings, Sufism, Kabbalah teachings, and many more spiritual practices and teachings. And I have ingested a full plethora of spiritual self-help books. In many of these books I have read, the main principle is that of oneness. Oneness with the universe, harmony with each other, the earth and God. It is a common theme in many of these spiritual teachings and is the passion I feel in my spiritual heart.

Several of my spiritual friends have been quick to say, “I only read non-fiction.” As a spiritual person, they feel it is important to only read what is true or thought to be true. For myself, as a spiritual person, I read books and let the truth resonate with me. Not every spiritual teaching resonates as truth with my inner “Soul being”.

“It is as you know it to be.” If I remember correctly it was said by Earnest Holmes. Feel free to speak up if I am incorrect. For me this means when I read a spiritual book, I know what resonates with me, and I allow that to expand my spiritual knowledge. I allow myself to grow in new knowledge. And more often then less I start to see how that plays out in my life, my thoughts or spiritual practices. “It is as I know it to be”. Reading a book that is fiction and fantasy based on Spiritual principles does not scare me. For there are elements of truth in all fiction. That will be a topic in a future blog.

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Now, I would like to introduce you to my book. It is live on Amazon in e-book $4.99 and paperback $16.95.

The Extricated Soul has a strong feminine heroine, China Hope, who answers a divine calling to save Souls living in the darkness of the egotic mind. During her service, she must save the Soul of her son from the darkness of his father.

The story takes on the misguided beliefs of the ego in a world of divisiveness, greed and hate. China Hope, a nurse at University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, is a wise old Soul (a White Soul), who takes an active role in healing Souls on their third incarnation without spiritual growth. Meanwhile, a spiritual call has gone out around the world to bring to fruition the “God Project,” a three-phase intervention by God to raise the vibration of the world and to stop the growing number of Dark Souls tipping the world into a dark, destructive trajectory. In the first phase an elderly high priest from Tibet, Eleazar, travels the globe to recruit spiritual centers to assist in raising the vibration of the earth to aid in healing. During phase two, droves of highly evolved humans flock to these centers to build energetic labs that will support the extrication of the human Souls to serve in an Army of White Souls. Phase three is the extrication of Eleazar’s and China’s souls with thousands of others. They meet during their Souls’ travel, find a common bond in service and healing others, and fall in love. But China must face her ego’s weaknesses and the darkness of her son’s father.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.  While I am still feeling trepidation about what others think of my writing I can handle it.  That is why I put myself out here.  You can also visit me on my Reiki site, www.voiceofsoulreiki.us

Have a very Blessed Weekend!!

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