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Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt: Clarity #writephoto
Posted on July 18, 2019 by Sue Vincent


The gentle breezes sway the grasses on the sandy beach

clears the cobwebs from my thoughts and reach.

The gritty sand of grays and white

Is like the annoying thoughts I chose to fight.

The lapping waves grabbing at the shore

steal the sand to return no more.

Lay myself down in the riverbed to feel the water swells

engulf my head.

Looking up to see in the sky

the breath of God moves on by.

The clouds a swirl of white and blue

create a path for my Soul to move.

Releasing all thoughts, fears and dreams

is the gift that clarity brings.

Whether on water of rocky land

the portal for God is through the heart of man.

Through these eyes I chose to see

all the parts of this beautiful scene.

Merge into one and never alone

my soul exist in this magnificent home.

Whether here or in the artic sea

my soul embraces God’s clarity.


The phase “the heart of man”, is symbolic and inclusive of all human kind, sexes, religions, nationalities, and sexual preferences.



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