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Coyote Falls

“Coyote Falls” Escalante National Monument, Utah

Photographer – Joshua Cripps

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A barren desert it seems is just as much a mirage

as the forest and streams.

The sandy terrain and dried out rock are places of solace within God’s Heart.

Across the rock the waters flow etching a paradise where no one goes.

Each droplet of God’s nourishment is without scarcity,

Within the divine love that is our sanctity.

In the greens that grow and the trees that sway,

There is a soulful place for God to play.

Spirit sits and waits for you and I today.

To hike the canyon high and low, to tread the dried up river bed,

to trust and believe, in the beautiful scene.

Within life’s journey, in the heat of the day,

and the dryness of this sacred land,

is a desert so lush within the heart of man.

(msuzanne,   March 28, 2012)

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