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All around the world people are honoring the principals, good intent, and actions of Malala.   It has been one month since she was shot and the sorrow of that event continues to resonate within the hearts of many men and women everywhere.   This tragic event has raised the world’s awareness of the suppression and horrors many women live with.    Malala represents the desires of many girls and women to be treated with respect, love, and honored as an intelligent and creative human.  This is the God given right of every human, male and female, to be supported in their pursuit of education, respect, and happiness.

Today I pray for the healing of Malala, and for the healing of hearts of those that are suppressed, and for a healing of the thoughts of those who suppress.  There is no divinity in suppression and control of another human.  For all creatures, human, and animal have been created in the image of God.


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