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Dark Night of the Soul

This poem was previously posted and I repost today for a wonderful friend who is feeling the pains of the dark night.  He is a wonderful young man who I love dearly and like a mother.  I wish I could take his pain but I understand the Dark Night of the Soul is for his Soul’s growth.  Levon, I love you and believe in you.  I trust in God and know you will move forward and enter the light.  I ask each who read this to send him your love and light for healing of his emotional pains and a healing of his earth bound struggles.  He is deserving of great love and healing.

Running in the darkness of night,
searching blindly for light.
Life lost, in the dark night of the Soul.
A struggle with fear taking control.
In the dark night,
beauty is lost,
and pain grows,
in the place of the hollow wilted soul.
Emerging in strength the ego seizes hold.
The darkness is darker,
the light a faded memory,
forcing the soul to its knees.
Wilted, hollow the lifeless soul
sees a glimpse of the distant light.
“Keep your eyes on the light,”
echo the words of the Angels,
while quickly fleeting the dark night.
With each glance the light re-ignites
as the fears melt away.
The power of the soul
turns the darkest night into emerging grey.
“Come…Come…There is more for you to see,”
sing the Angels hovering above me.
With Fixed eyes focused on light
the damaged ego releases its hold.
The light so bright burns passion and joy
in the empty hole.
New Life is birthed in this once lost soul.

You’ve got this Levon!


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