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A Dance of Homage


Super Moon , Gilbert, Arizona , Justin Ashton Photographer

The moon so full
So bold and bright,
It’s circular perfection a heavenly sight.

The wheat stalks so high
In gold and brown,
The grasses sway around and around.

Under the moon
The souls dance all night,
A dance of homage a divine sight.
“A rite of passage,” the Angels sing
As the souls dance under the bright moon light.

“Come…Come,” cries the Lord
“To your eternal place…your gifts on earth will
Never be replaced.
Your spirit so bright will live on in light
Your memory engraved in the hearts of form.
Your essence a thread that weaves through time,
A glue that bonds the earth and sky.
An eternal spark that never dims,
Is your lasting love contained there in.”

This poem was first blogged on this site in Feb 2013.  I repost today in honor of today’s Super Moon.

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