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It is early spring

The birds sing the Lords song.

The sun sneaks up over the lawn

Warming the new life that’s born.

The dew covered grass

Glistens in the light.

A little rabbit nibbles in delight.

The bees go buzzing bye

To find a sweet flower

On which to dine.

The butterfly dances across the sky

In all this I see

The Lord’s Smile

Spread across the clear blue sky.


For as long as I can remember the beauty of nature has always moved me.  Even as a child I would love to watch the dawning day from my bed room window.  In the dark I would sit and listen to the sounds of the night.  The rain and snow falling has never stopped  engaging me.   It was and still is in these sounds and sights… I see God.    This particular poem I never named.   So today I will call it “God Needs No Name.”  As god is Omnipresent.

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“Manarola” – Manarola, Italy 

 Inge Johnsson – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 15, 2012


There is a city of the Lord

Built upon the rocks.

Below the water flows

As a road for

Travelers to come and go.

In the city of the Lord

The lights and lamps set it a glow.

It is a city that has withstood

The furry of nature and the

Lives of millions

Who walk the stones

To the shore.

In every city across the world

Is the divinity of the Lord.

It is within the buildings.

Within the shops

And within the churches

Standing on the rocks.

There is always light that shines

Where ever life exist.

It is the people who know the light

That bring peace and love

To the land.

It is the children who play

And smile to bring

Joy to the town each day.

It is within every town

That the eternal light of God

Can be found.

It is within every heart

To grow love from a rock.


“Falling Tide” – Manarola, Le Cinque Terre, Italy 

 Elia Locardi – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com  May 18, 2012

Falling Tide Vernazza Cinque Terre Italy

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Grand Falls in Golden Light

“Grand Falls” – Flagstaff, AZ – Scott Wood – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com  May 11, 2012


As the Spirit flies in the sky

Above the cannon and rocks so high,

The cascading flow from the water source

Ebbs and course through the core.

The world so grand is created

By the One Spiritual hand.

In a land that flows with

God’s eternal light

Is the land where life exist

In perfect harmony.

Grace between air, water and dirt

Is the inherent nature of the earth.

The water moves

Across the rocks

And leaves a gorge in the core.

The river way

Spawns life and breath into

Those that swim and

Animals that play.

While the trees and plants grow

From the earth’s floor.

The sunlight ignites

The beauty of the Lord.

All life in and beneath the sky

Is a reflection of God’s creative side.

The Spirit that flows through

Air, water, and rocks,

Is the beating heart

And the breath of life.

It is throughout the land

That the Lord’s love spans

Within every molecule

Of air, water, and dirt.

Within every living creature

That roams the earth.

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Under the willow

A mother weeps

As she buries her child

Beneath her feet.

The Queen of Heaven

Stands at her side

As she wipes

The tears from her eyes.

The shoots of the willow

The mother ties.

With a wish in her heart

She pleads to the tree

For the release of her grief.

An enchanted tree

The willow weeps

Its limbs hang low

With the heavy leaves.

The shoots whip when the winds blow.

As the priest and priestess pray

For ills to fade away.

As the poet lays to sleep

Beneath the willow the dreams do grow

As the words of the poem start to flow.

The magical tree the willow heals

Those who weep.

And eases the pain

From their tormented sleep.

To bring serenity to the sea of tears

To bring harmony within the earthly sphere.

With the sway of the willow shoots

The mother releases her fears.

Beneath the moon

The willow grows

In love the tree bows it head

To the souls of the dead.

With its arms it embraces

The mother who stands beneath the tree.

And cloaks the poet who lay to dream.


Several weeks ago when I was meditating the Blessed Mother came to me.  She took my hand and we buried a seed and from that seed grew a big, beautiful willow tree.   The limbs so heavy were laden down with the gifts it brings to me.  Each day and night I thank Mary and the Lord for this beautiful image now permanently etched in my mind and heart.   Several days ago, I was googling the spiritual meaning of the willow and I had to read more on the origins of the Mary.  After reading several sites I sat in silence and the poem flowed.   I dedicate this poem to all the mothers around the world who have stood beneath the willow tree.  For it is said there is magic and healing powers within the willow tree and for thousands of years Mothers around the world have stood beneath the tree in grief…And so the willow weeps…And so the willow heals.

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One of a kind Zhangjiajie National Park

“One of a Kind” – Zhangjiajie National Park, China–Thomas Dawson- Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com May 7, 2012


Within a land of hills and trees

Stands mountainous rocks

That tower above the valley low.

Greenery that grows into the misty sky

Above the clouds that drift by.

It is a place of mystic joy

A place of peace

In an earthly plane.

It is an exotic land

That spans the ancient

Space and time.

It is one of a kind

Locked into the

Universal Mind.

It’s uniqueness

Is for all to see

A place of mystery

Of the old and new

China entwined.

The beauty and intrigue

Of such a spot

Is a haven for a heavenly lot.

A place where time has stopped

As the world swirls out of control

The Lord creates a place

For spirits to play.

And man to comprehend

The holy scrolls.

It is a place that takes

Your breath away.

A place to kneel and pray.

A place where ancient spirits lay

The path of God in an ancient land.

A path of the old and new entwined

A place for all people to see

Their own inner Divinity

All One in God…

God One in All.

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In the water below

The reflection of the moon glows.

The energy of the Lord

Illuminates the shore.

Within the stillness of the lake

Life flourishes along the floor.

The ripples on the water top

Are currents of praise

From the life forms below.

There is no darkness where the light shines

For darkness is a trick of the human mind

It is a place where we do not see

The light of God a blaze

Within our being.

For light is always there

In whatever shade

You choose to see.

Casting shadows

Across the water top.

And filtered through the trees.

To see the light

Dance within the breeze.

To see the light casting rays

Through life’s experiences.

Is to open your eyes

To your Spiritual


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During the night

With the candles aglow

I listen to the wind blow.

The rain fall cascading down

Crashes loudly on the ground.

The sounds of the rain

Is a song from the Lord

That lulls me to sleep.

I watch the lacy curtains dance

As the gust of wind

Send the ceiling fan in a spin.

The sounds of the storm echoes

Throughout the darkened room.

The crack of thunder rumbles

Like a furious snore.

Soaring lightning rods illuminate the sky

While the room shadows catch my eyes.

The tumultuous air calms

As the clouds glide slowly by.

It is the whisper of the Spirit

Within the storm I hear.

As the message of love

Settles my fears.

On a stormy night like this

There is great joy and Eternal bliss

For the storm within the Universe

Is where all life begins.


I always love the sound of a spring storm.

Last night I fell asleep to the Lord

Singing me a lullaby in the cascading rain.

This morning I awoke to Spirit’s gentle breath humming in my ear

As the soft rain was hitting my window pane.

There is so much love in a storm like this.

I am eternally grateful for this earthly bliss.

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Dew Drops upon the rose

Glimmer in the light as the sun rose

The freshness of the day filled the air

As a crisp wind was blowing through my hair

As each moment slipped away

So did the silence of the new day

The sweet music of the animals and birds

Was giving dimensions to a story with no words

It was in the silence that I knelt and prayed

As I thanked the Lord for the coming of a new day


I wrote this poem in 1976 when I was on a teen retreat with the Catholic Youth Organization.  I sat on my balcony of the lodge and watched the sun rise. It was a very touching moment for me as I felt so connected to the universe and God in that moment.

It is sad but true when I wrote this I loved it yet, was so afraid to share it.  I was afraid it wasn’t original.  Maybe I read it somewhere and just remembered it.  Over the years I shared it a few times but always said “Author unknown.”  So today I share it and no matter whom on this earthly plane wrote it…the Author is always God.

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Mother Nature is a Beauty you see,

She’s a Diva that grows the flowers and trees.

She awakens the hibernating community,

And sends a message of divinity

In the glory of spring.

She is the sweetness in the season’s honey

And the irony in the sting of the bee.

She’s a tyrant that throws fits of rage

In hurricanes and tornados for all to see.

She is the rainbow of hope that reaches out

To the shattered below.

She is the lightning strike with nowhere to go.

She is the Mother of all the earth

Living deep within the core.

Deep in the core in the loving source

God is the source

And with love gave

Mother Nature freedom to choose.

So it is her choice you see

The beauty and devastation that she brings.

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I dance within the heart of the Lord

And In his thoughts I play.

It is the essence of Spirit

That washes my fears away.

I am cradled within the womb

The womb of creation

Where I stay.

With the warmth of Spirit embracing me

I know this is where I want to be.

I lay in the bridal bed

In my naked truth

The truth of my Spirit

With the flow of Eternity.

In earthly terms I am old and gray

In the spiritual world

I am iridescent lavender today.

In my Spirit’s glow

Is the strength of the Lord

And the loving energy that is God’s Core.

While I lay my head

In the arms of my groom.

The breath of life

Fills the spiritual womb.

The womb so vast

It expands out beyond the physical plane.

And far beyond the celestial reign.

Every morning I start my day with meditation.  This morning I let my mind rest on the thought “I am one within the Lord…I am in unity with the One.”   I quickly felt engulfed by the love of God.  It was during meditation these words and images started to swirl in my mind.

I thank the Lord each day for all the gifts he has given me.  The words of my poems are from the Spirit and I am so blessed to be the scribe and the one who shares them with you.   I wish you many blessings today.

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