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Colors of the Rainbow – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

www.photobotos.com Steve Perry, July 9, 2012 


Love starts as a flitter in the heart.

Lives, as a memory replaying in the brain.

Laughter, anchors the emotions deep.

Love, grows an undying trust in each.

Acceptance of the gifts you bring,

Are as powerful

As the rebounding spring.

Love, once a faraway place,

Now a space of hearts entwined.

Love expresses who you are at your best.

Love, a gift to accept the rest.

Love acknowledges the pain,

And ignites the heart in the pouring rain.

Love a rainbow of colors fading into grays

Existing in a virtuous haze.

Just hearts entwined…

A love song in the mind…

Emotions anchored deep.

A melody of hearts

That echoes in the universe,

As a spiritual verse

That births the Love to fill the Core.


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