King calling for service as we arrived at day boarding,  he likes his spa days, pampering, treats, and time away from our hotel room.



“Tell me about you, who are you?” This is a common question many people ask in interviews, on dates, or just getting to know someone. I often start with “I’m spiritual, a nurse, love dogs, divorced, gardener, like to cook, read, write, and ride motorcycles.” Sometimes I go on with other information, other times I give less like I don’t know who I am. Sometimes it feels dull and empty as I recite the list of things without any attachment to them. In our Society, we place a lot of emphasis on the “Labels” we attach to ourselves. The labels define us. Because of labels, others look up to us or down at us. We see the evidence of this playing out in our present day politics and in some religions.
Labels define every aspect of our life, our religion, race, nationality, politics, health, jobs, and sexual preferences. We even label ourselves as our activities. “I am a gardener, cook, writer and motorcyclist.”

We label our pets. Dogs are labeled by their breed, stereotyped temperament for some and the inherent disposition of others. They can be pedigree, mutts, work dogs, a rescued dog, and designer dogs, etc. My King is a rescue, black lab & Great Dane mix. I became attached to saying this over the five years we have been together. I proudly recite, he is a black lab Great Dane mix. Two well-liked dog breeds. And everybody says, that is why he is so big, or why he is so sweet with such a lay-back personality. He is labeled this on his dog licenses in two counties, on his adoption papers, passed on to his medical records, and I have told everyone, even you. What happens if this is not true? Well, I tested that paradigm recently when I did a DNA test for Kings genetic makeup. I was working in Tennessee when the results dinged my inbox at 12:15 am. I was just getting into bed when I heard the email, so I looked to see what arrived, and there it sat. In the subject line, “King’s results are in.” My heartbeat quickened as I thought, do I open it now or wait until later? Yes, I opened it then. As I read it, I felt a little puzzled and odd feeling this can’t be right; maybe they mixed up the test kits. I slept well that night, snuggled up to King.

In the morning, I reread the results to see if what I remember was true. And yes, I was not dreaming; he was still the same mix of breeds as I read the night before. My black lab, great Dane mix had zero black lab and no great Dane in him. In that brief second, the paradigm I build around him had to shift. My King is a German Sheppard, Mastiff, Rottweiler and Terrier mix. The possibility of being Sheppard always sat in the back of my mind, but the others surprised me. He is a mutt. A mutt, I love and adore, and that will never change. He still looks at me with those ‘all knowing’ soulful eyes and with unconditional love that radiates in his heart and energy field.

So many times, we fall in love with the labels that others wear, and we grow attached to the ones we proudly wear. What happens when that paradigm shifts or shatters? What happens when we find out someone we love or admire is not the person we wanted them to be, or we thought they were. They didn’t live up to the labels we attach to them, or they attached to themselves? What happens when our dream job ends or our loved one leaves? It can be life-shattering, end in divorce, loss of identity, depression, anger, or worse for some, it may end in suicide.

If we see our self as created in God’s image, then we see the true self. The Spirit, the Soul, the energy of unconditional love, infinite intelligence, joy, compassion, beauty, peace, harmony, prosperity and all the divine qualities of God. Yet, we lose sight of this as we incarnate into the mortal body, and we take on the identity of labels and enter the dimension of paradigms. It is our journey to find our way back to the truth of who we are. Our Soul’s development will help push us to break down the paradigms and leave the labels behind. Some people will live this life weighted down by their ego’s belief and locked into a paradigm of Labels. It is in this state that they find others less then themselves and feel their own views and life has more value. This sets up the divisiveness we see around the world. This is the breeding ground of hate, oppression, and the devaluing of human life.

To break the paradigm of separation and hate, we need to shift to a belief of mutual respect and honor the Soul/Spirit that lives within each person. Don’t look at the mortal coat they wear or the labels they carry, allow yourself to feel the presence of God within them. Allow yourself to feel and live the presence of God within you. This gives power to others to live and feel the presence of God within. When we live with that presence, there is no space or thought to suppress, hurt or hate.

Living and feeling the presence of God is the common thread in the book, The Extricated Soul. China Hope, the cool RN who does Reiki continues in her mortal journey allowing her Soul to expand with the truth of who she really is. A spirit in manifestation always connected to the Divine presence that creates all is all and is never void in anything.
Join China in her journey through mortal life and her expansion as a Divine Soul.

photoprompt 5.9.2019

Rooted in one place,
is a hopeless thought that lives with disgrace.

Rooted in one place,
a tree with a canape that breeds the moss and mold,
as it blocks the light from the dark and cold.

Rooted in one place,
is a pain that echoes through the night,
holding tight the blight of judgement and the blinders of sight.

Rooted in one place,
a tree with a system of nourishment and care
that penetrates the ground
and breaks through the dark and cold air.

Rooted in one place,
the roots grow in love and grace
though a thick and ominous place.

Rooted in one place,
the endless Spirit of life
spirals far from this earth-bound place,
into the dimension of mortal fate.

Rooted in one place,
the continuous flow of immortal life.
expands the earthly dimensions
into the spiritual land.

Rooted in life
is the expansive flow
without restrictions for all souls to grow.

Written for Photo Prompt


Elements of Truth

In the book, The Extricated Soul, the heroin China Hope, a nurse, a devote mediator, a prayerful person, and Reiki practitioner, juggles her spiritual practices and nursing life more fluidly then I. Throughout the years it has been a challenge for me, especially when I surrendered to the paradigm of healthcare, conditional love, and keeping up with the Jones. Health care as a healing practice is a gift. My problems arise when I have fallen to health care as an industry and as my provider for life and livelihood. It quickly overtakes me when I forget to honour the Spirit within. The workload, the stress, the conflicting values can knock the foundation from my spiritual practices and beliefs until I reawaken again…and again. Each time I restart, my spiritual practices, I say, “I won’t let this happen again”. Yet, somehow it does. The good part is, it takes me less and less time to see my fall from spiritual thinking into the quagmire of paradigms to find my reawaking again.

China is the strong White Soul that I aspire to be. Her thinking is clear and based on the Spiritual Principles. She sees the truth when others see the false thinking of ego. Yet, she still walks in this time, dimension and earth plain with ease and grace. Now, this does not say she has not had challenges because she has. She had to work through paradigms of identity, grief, unrequited love, and conditional love. Yet, as her character develops, I see her with a strong spiritual identity that moves forward and never backwards. What an incredible way to live one’s life. Letting go of the pain, the negative experiences for the metamorphosis of life to happen and for the grandeur that occurs with the alchemy of the Soul. Oh, I so long to be there.

They say there is always an element of truth in all fiction, so this is the truth: I am a nurse and a Reiki practitioner. China and I share in the likeness of unrequited love, question our identity, and continuous work on living a life from the place of unconditional love. She is much better at it then I am. We are also different. She is a mother. I am not, I grieved this loss as my barren marriage dissolved. She is biracial, I am Caucasian. How she became biracial for my story is a post for another day. She is thin and tall. I am plump and short. In my mind she is about 5’8 to 5’10 inches, this towers over my 5’ 2’’. I aspire to be that as well, tall I mean, unfortunately at 58 not much growth occurs in height.

Alchemy of the Soul

Wrapped in a silk cocoon suspended in the Lord’s light.
The journey of the Soul to leave the dark night,
is protected with all God’s might.

In human form when the choice is made
God gives its all for its creation to be saved.

The pain and agony of the dark night
gone as you journey into the light.
The illusions of your thoughts
fade away as if it is ice
melting on a hot day.

The memories of the dark night
a small part of your spirit’s life.
The “you,” of old,
gone with the alchemy of your Soul.

Suspended in light wrapped lovingly in God’s might
Your spirit must rest for God’s will for you
will require your best.

Centuries Old


The Spirit travels for eons and eons,
and lives in the heart of the young and old.

Expressing in buildings, boats, landscapes, human and animal souls.
Living in the voices and laughter that echoes in the hollow halls.

Giving strength to the weary timbers that bend the old floors
and sag in the ceilings, walls and doors.

The energy of eternity is young in the house of centuries old.
It is the flame of light that lives within every soul.

A house, a home, is life itself
a decadent design for the architect of its time.

A structure, a place of harbor for the weary, the love-filled,
the scared and cold.

A place to rest your head and to breath the life of the
loving soul.

A place where human life erodes as the Spirit continues to grow.

Todays post is in response to the photo prompt on: https://scvincent.com/2019/05/02/thursday-photo-prompt-monochrome-writephoto

Travel in Prayer

Now that I travel with my job all my routines have been disrupted. That includes my prayer and meditation routines. For many years, I awoke automatically at 0400 and started my prayers and meditation. Now that I am working to midnight or 1 a.m. and I get back up at 6 a.m., I have found new times to prayer and meditation.

I am spending more time in my car, so I am using that time to pray. It works well for my affirmative prayer and prayers of gratitude. Over the past two months, I have driven Route 81 from Pennsylvania to Tennessee and Virginia area multiple times. My employer would fly me, but I request the drive. I love travelling with my dog King. So we drive eight to ten hours together along with God.

There is great beauty in a long drive through open lands, farms, towns and mountains. For nine hours I find God in every beautiful scene, I see: In the landscapes, the cows, pigs, sheep and wild animals we pass along the way. The towns and people are the energy of life. I see God sitting in the back seat as my handsome big dog named King. He sits so majestically staring out the windows admiring the beauty around him. Often raising an eyebrow or two when the big steer appears right outside the window. Occasionally, I hear a moan of excitement as the animals are clearly in his view. We pass hills that are so steep I wonder how the cows or horse stand and graze without rolling down the mountain. The flowers have been brilliant in colour and the trees budding with greenery. Our first trip was in the cold of March. We left Pennsylvania with snow on the ground and the landscape dormant. We drove south-west and the closer we got to our destination of Greeneville Tennessee we saw the early signs of winter’s end. I pointed out the first buds on the forsythia bush to King. While it may not have meant much to him, it certainly was the reminder to me of the waking within and the rebirth of Spring.

Spring, the awakening, the rebirth of all that is living in our beautiful landscape is one continuous prayer of gratitude. It is joyous, abundant, and the manifestation of God as life itself. When we returned to PA, I found the first buds on the forsythia bushes awaking. Each trip I find new life when we arrive at our destination and then see it again when we return home. As I acknowledge the beauty all around, I can not help but feel my heart swell, my gratitude grew and my homage for the Divine energy to soar.

Meditation has been more fleeting as I rarely have the time to sit quietly for an hour. Some days the 20-30 minutes does not feel enough. This past trip I found a salt room, Salt of the Earth, in the historic town of Abingdon. For fifty minutes, I relaxed in the salt room and allowed myself to turn within for very peaceful and loving meditation. This was my first experience in a salt room and was not sure what to expect. I am very comfortable working with salts, salt lights and often bath with Himalayan pink salt/ soap. It is a beautiful way to cleans after intense reiki sessions or after very emotional situations. It clears the energies that need not stay or weigh me down. From the salt under my feet, the salt on my lap and around my neck I felt at home basking in the light. I felt my soul calling me inward, and I eagerly surrendered.

I look forward to returning to the salt room this coming week when King and I return to Abingdon VA.

Time to Write

Finding time to write is always a challenge when I travel for work. My days can be long and exhausting and, all that swirls in my head is the clinical education that I am providing. It is very rewarding to work with nurses around the country. And I say this even more emphatically, since Washington State Senator Maureen Walsh said, “Nurses probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day.” This week in my assigned hospital as a clinical educator (for a medical product) I started the staff training in the ER. When I entered early in the day shift, it was obvious the ER rooms were full. Staff scurrying everywhere. Rushing with medication, intravenous bags, bags of blood and pushing patients for testing or to other units. I was able to get a few nurses together to hear the in-service and train on the new product when staff, came rushing into the ER with a patient laying partially in a wheel-chair as other held his legs and lower torso while running him into an ER bed. This talented staff were doing chest compression as they were rushing him to get help. The small group I had rounded up had to respond to the code, and the in-service was no longer the priority. I told the secretary, “no worries, I will be back later when things calm down.” So off I went to each unit in the hospital to train nurses for the upcoming “go live”.

As I entered each unit, I often found no one sitting at the nurse’s station. Looking around, I wondered if they were hiding somewhere playing cards. I gently knock on a dictation room door, and no one was there. As I walked down the hallway. I found the computer charting stations empty. A few had signs there was once someone there. A bottle of water, a scrub smock hanging on the back of a chair and a collection of pens and papers. Passing the patient rooms, I could hear voices. The voices were comforting, some laughing, some encouraging, and one doing her best to re-orient a confused patient. As a nurse for more than three decades I am always filled with pride when I hear the compassion, caring, and intelligent voices of our nurses.

After rounding to all the nursing units on four floors, I returned to the Emergency Room. As I entered, I was greeted by several nurses who said, “Better timing, we have been watching for you.” Feeling a pleasant relief and an “aaah,” feeling in my heart, I restarted the in-service. Not even a minute into it the training, a loud overhead page rang out through the ER, “Emergency Response Team, out-patient infusion center.” Two of the nurses I was training jumped up and moved quickly out of the ER. I continued with the two nurses left. It only took another minute for them to get a call on their pagers. The one nurse looked shyly at me and said, “Sorry we have to go and prepare a room for the rapid response. Maybe tomorrow.” “No worries, I am here all week.” I called after them as they ran off to prepare for their new incoming patient.

I am not sure what Senator Walsh was referring to since I also train in small rural hospitals. An often you may only have 2 to 4 nurses in the hospital (depending on size) to handle all that occurs. This includes the emergencies, and the patients admitted. I can spend more time there then I do in a full-service hospital with 175 beds. Why? Because they have no backup, they may not even be able to get a break when their patients are very sick and unstable. They would welcome an in-service so they could sit down for just a few minutes. Yet, it may take more than an hour or two before one of them can free themselves long enough for a seven to ten-minute in-service. I always tell them it is five minutes without questions and seven to ten minutes with questions. Nurses are intelligent, they ask great questions and strive to understand how this change impacts their patient and the care they give. They embrace changes that support improved care and improved outcomes for their patients. They recognize changes that are a redundancy that slows them down and may create a new pitfall for the patient.

I feel blessed and grateful, the product and change in practice, I am training them on is a real winner. They have been excited to implement the new product for the benefits to their patients and to improve their ability to give quality and compassionate care.

Why Fiction?

The Extricated Soul is fiction and fantasy based in alternative spirituality. For me, fiction writing is a form of expression that allows me to go beyond the pigeon holes of life. In some way, it is writing the story to match a new paradigm. It allows me to explore Spiritual principles in a way I think a spiritual or non-spiritual person could hear. To delve into spiritual beliefs through storytelling was very gratifying. I have read many spiritual books over the years from Native American spirituality, African spirituality, Tibetan, Mayan, New age ancient wisdom, Buddhist teachings, Sufism, Kabbalah teachings, and many more spiritual practices and teachings. And I have ingested a full plethora of spiritual self-help books. In many of these books I have read, the main principle is that of oneness. Oneness with the universe, harmony with each other, the earth and God. It is a common theme in many of these spiritual teachings and is the passion I feel in my spiritual heart.

Several of my spiritual friends have been quick to say, “I only read non-fiction.” As a spiritual person, they feel it is important to only read what is true or thought to be true. For myself, as a spiritual person, I read books and let the truth resonate with me. Not every spiritual teaching resonates as truth with my inner “Soul being”.

“It is as you know it to be.” If I remember correctly it was said by Earnest Holmes. Feel free to speak up if I am incorrect. For me this means when I read a spiritual book, I know what resonates with me, and I allow that to expand my spiritual knowledge. I allow myself to grow in new knowledge. And more often then less I start to see how that plays out in my life, my thoughts or spiritual practices. “It is as I know it to be”. Reading a book that is fiction and fantasy based on Spiritual principles does not scare me. For there are elements of truth in all fiction. That will be a topic in a future blog.

*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆

Now, I would like to introduce you to my book. It is live on Amazon in e-book $4.99 and paperback $16.95.

The Extricated Soul has a strong feminine heroine, China Hope, who answers a divine calling to save Souls living in the darkness of the egotic mind. During her service, she must save the Soul of her son from the darkness of his father.

The story takes on the misguided beliefs of the ego in a world of divisiveness, greed and hate. China Hope, a nurse at University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, is a wise old Soul (a White Soul), who takes an active role in healing Souls on their third incarnation without spiritual growth. Meanwhile, a spiritual call has gone out around the world to bring to fruition the “God Project,” a three-phase intervention by God to raise the vibration of the world and to stop the growing number of Dark Souls tipping the world into a dark, destructive trajectory. In the first phase an elderly high priest from Tibet, Eleazar, travels the globe to recruit spiritual centers to assist in raising the vibration of the earth to aid in healing. During phase two, droves of highly evolved humans flock to these centers to build energetic labs that will support the extrication of the human Souls to serve in an Army of White Souls. Phase three is the extrication of Eleazar’s and China’s souls with thousands of others. They meet during their Souls’ travel, find a common bond in service and healing others, and fall in love. But China must face her ego’s weaknesses and the darkness of her son’s father.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.  While I am still feeling trepidation about what others think of my writing I can handle it.  That is why I put myself out here.  You can also visit me on my Reiki site, www.voiceofsoulreiki.us

Have a very Blessed Weekend!!

Throughout my life, I heard others say I could not be a writer. It was hit or miss if a teacher liked my writing. I never felt encouraged, I often felt stupid I wanted to write. I even fell into discouraging myself. Now I must admit, I am a self-proclaimed, poor editor, not a spelling wiz and sometimes my grammar sucks! In high school, I would pass hand-written notes to a girlfriend (1970s), and she would send them back corrected with a red pen. Yikes!

Writing for me has been a journey. Not just a writing journey but also a confidence journey. In my 35 years of nursing, I also had a writing journey. SOAP notes full of fragmented, half sentences with minimal attention to grammar, then as a Nurse Practitioner, patient notes and histories just a string of words that made up some sort of medical story/picture. And now no writing skills needed for electronic documentation.
What I am trying to say is, if I allowed myself to stay pigeon-holed then I would have missed the continuous urge to write and tell a story. I did not always know what story I wanted to share, but I knew there was a story inside me.
Over the years, I saved to thumb drives and external drives many short stories, half written stories, not sure it is a story, an unedited murder mystery novel (needs a lot of work), several medical murder mysteries in early phases, and outlines for stories. Somewhere along my writing journey, I subscribed to Hemingway’s philosophy, write while you are drinking and edit while sober. So, when I look at my unique collection of writings, I must say, “I may have had a little too much wine when I wrote that one.”

Finally, I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “you will write no matter how bad you are, it can only get better.” So, I hired an editor. I found him on craigslist and we met at a Starbucks back in 2010. My impression was he was an honest and good person. This kicked off my new journey with my 1st murder mystery. Yes, a motorcycle riding nurse who solves a murder and finds her boyfriend is not who she thinks he is. Rich patiently coached me, sending me detailed information (via email) to lead me in building my story. He kindly edited parts to demonstrate his teachings and always remained calmed and focused even when my corrections missed the mark. That murder mystery is still sitting waiting for me to finish the rewrites. The story is written but, the flaws still run through it. Yes, the flaws Rich so patiently coached me on. Sorry Rich, I still have the emails and will eventually get back to that story.

In 2011 or 2012 I found an old journal that held poems from my teenage years. The longing to write poems blossomed and my blog http://www.godisiam.net was started. As I changed jobs in 2014, I found less and less time to write. My writing moments were brief and limited until the end of 2016 and final in January 2017 I started on my first self-published novel, “The Extricated Soul”. This story nagged at me through the fall of 2016 as I was building my Reiki practice. First, I had to deal with my inner conflict that my writing about the divine healing energy was somehow sacrilegious. And who was I to think I could write something people would like? So, one evening I sat in prayer and offered these feelings up for the Divine to lead me. During my meditation, I felt the presence purge the doubts and open my mind and heart to receive this story. Once I started writing, I found the story flowed, often from 1:00 am to 4, or 5 am. So, I just went with it. I took advantage of snowy days, holidays, weekends and wine. I became a hermit, and on some days, I did not get out of my pjs. Within 6 or 7 months I had a story to send to Rich. And then the real work began. Rewrites, changing opening paragraphs/chapters, restructuring, chopping things out. With each returned manuscript from Rich, I would appreciate the emotionless coaching and the note that started or ended with a statement that kindly let me know it was not ready for editing.

In August of 2018, my e-book was published on Amazon, Apple, Nook, and Kobo for only $4.99. Just recently I finished a review of the paperback proof. The new proof copy will be ready soon. If all goes well, the paperback should be ready for purchase in June for $16.95

The story was inspired by Spirit, taping into my nursing, Reiki, my spiritual life and love of Spirit. This story fits this first-time author who needed to hear the spiritual message written in this story. I am blessed to write, read, and understand the message!

Returning to Blog!

It will be five years since my last post. My hibernation has not been from loss of interest in writing but from the exploration of other forms of writing and new ways of working and living.

It is funny how our lives and interest go through ebbs and turns and when we follow the nudges and tugging from within, we find a journey we could not have predicted easily at the onset.

My life has had its ups and downs, successes and failures, loves and heartbreaks. Yet, somehow, I continue to grow spiritually and more confidently as a Spiritual Being. I love who I have become, and I continue to seek greater understanding and a stronger presence in the Oneness of this thing we call God. The Spirit of the Living God, the one source that is the only source, that Source is the source of me!

The poems on this blog were written as I through me into learning spiritual practices and developing a spiritual life. You must be thinking well after 7 years she should be Spiritually perfect by now. NOT SO! Any perfection I have come from the Spirit within and I have learned to embrace my imperfections and my egotic mind (monkey mind) as a part of me that I will love and transform through self-love and self-care.

In my next post, I will share with you my journey in writing. I feel blessed and grateful that Spirit works through all writing and has chosen me to be a scribe of a wonderful story.

M. Suzanne
AKA Mary

The “King”

Timeless joy in flight,

Suckle on the nectar of life.

Sing of freedom

And accomplish the impossible things.

Follow your journey a miracle of life

Let the hummingbird lead you with all it’s might.

Destiny…whether wrong or right,

Is a gift of spiritual law.

Such a tiny little bird with an essence so big

Pure vibrations from the energy source.

Resonating sounds and spiritual light

That transforms all life.

In the chill of the night

The little creature stops dead in flight,

And is resurrected by warm day-light.

The vibrations in life

Resonate high in spiritual light.

So set your eyes on this Divine sight

And travel with this bird at the speed of life


King on a doggie bed with his new toys.

This morning like many morning over the past 3 week I saw a humming bird while I sat on my back porch watching the Dawning Day.  It is my favorite time of day.  The Hummingbird has great spiritual significance…so I wondered each day what does this little bird mean?  Is it a sign my dark night is over…is it a sign there is a new journey ahead…so each morning I thanked Spirit for the little bird and ask the message be revealed to me.  This morning as I sit on the porch with my new best friend I saw the little bird again…this time I know the meaning…

Yesterday I brought home my new dog “King” from the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Center…He is 14 months old and lovely…(He is not happy he was fixed yesterday).  So I have once again been blessed and my life is in divine order.  Namaste, mary