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monks in buddha temple

Buddha Temple – Datdawtaung Cave, Myanmar

 www.photobotos Lin Tun Photographer, July 3,2012


Temple Rhapsody


Engulfed within the Core

Is the Temple of the Lord.

Beating deep in the Majestic Rock,

Is the rhapsody of God’s heart.

The energy wave a beckoning call

For all searching souls to triumphantly fall.

Follow the light

To this incredible site.

Crawl through the hardened rock

And ride the vibrations to the Altar of the Lord.

Within the core is a loving energy source.

A place to heal the lessons of eons ago,

A place where illusions disintegrate.

There is no pain within God’s reign

There is only love in which to grow.

Come align with the universe so divine

And leave your fears far behind.

Within the Core your light does shine.

In the rock you stand within Universal Mind.



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