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Cathedral Park Holy Tree

Holy Tree (Cathedral Park) – Portland, Oregon – Yvonne Mestre

Posted on Photobotos.com 11/4/2012

Under the willow

A mother weeps

As she buries her child

Beneath her feet.

The Queen of Heaven

Stands at her side

As she wipes

The tears from her eyes.

The shoots of the willow

The mother ties.

With a wish in her heart

She pleads to the tree

For the release of her grief.

An enchanted tree

The willow weeps

Its limbs hang low

With the heavy leaves.

The shoots whip when the winds blow.

As the priest and priestess pray

For ills to fade away.

As the poet lays to sleep

Beneath the willow the dreams do grow

As the words of the poem start to flow.

The magical tree the willow heals

Those who weep.

And eases the pain

From their tormented sleep.

To bring serenity to the sea of tears

To bring harmony within the earthly sphere.

With the sway of the willow shoots

The mother releases her fears.

Beneath the moon

The willow grows

In love the tree bows it head

To the souls of the dead.

With its arms it embraces

The mother who stands beneath the tree.

And cloaks the poet who lay to dream.

Mothers weep all around the world for the loss of a child.  In many cases it is to violence and hate.  These are senseless acts and in tribute to all mothers who experience a loss of a child I am reposting this poem.  The beautiful picture was on www.photobotos.com today and when I saw the picture I knew I wanted to share the picture and the poem with you.   Many blessings to all who have experienced the loss of a loved one.   Poem originally posted on May 14, 2012


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