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The dawning day like the embers of a fire

ignites life into a blaze of light.

The darkening day of the setting sun

brings rest and healing to all

who dwell beneath the skies.

The glory of God in every breath of man.

It is the breath of the Lord we breathe.

The vision within The Mind

is the vastness and perfection within the universe.

The completeness and uniqueness of all God’s creatures.

Whether seen or unseen

is the Glory of God

the reflection of perfection in which we live.

Beneath our feet the Lord holds us up

as we walk through the gardens and streets.

God cuddles us as we lay to rest

and sings a sweet lullaby that brings us peace.

It is the Lord who restores us

when we choose to see the divinity

within this heavenly place.

It is the Lord who gives us what we need

and exceeds all expectations

when we choose Love

in all decisions we make.

It is the Lord who I see

when I look into your face…

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Beautiful Flower – Bulgaria – Juliana Nan, photographer

www.photobotos.com Aug 3,2012


Upon a pillow

I lay my head,

To dream a dream

In the heavenly bed.

As I drift to sleep

It is the Lord, who said,

“Sleep sweet child

And rest your eyes,

For tomorrow you see life

From the Spiritual side.”

In the land of slumber

It came to me,

The dream…I dreamed

Of God in everything.

The essence of the Lord,

The Holy One.

A perfect reflection

In the heavenly sun.

There is no particle without Divine life.

There is only beauty within the light.

“Look beyond the human sight,”

A chorus of Angels sang to me,

The Divinity of God emerged

In my sight.

“Cast your eyes from the human side

And allow all illusions to fade from you.”

In perfect harmony they sang this song.

“See the Divinity within the vibrations of life.

Feel the connectedness that erases all strife.

It is love in motion

This eternal potion

That vibrates in all of life.”

The truth you see

Is the connection of All,

Within the universe.

In the droplet form,

See the glistening Spirit

Beaded upon the perfect petal.

Look beyond that into

The reflection of God’s Divinity.

Through this lens now see

The love in everything.


Words of Juliana Nan posted on photobotos.com Aug 3, 2012

I had a dream…

I had visions of a world beyond words, colors, light, and shapes…a world of a different dimension, which I had no way to express. The only perfect creator is God, and we can only strive to achieve it.

I felt an endless longing to touch His perfection by taking photos.

This is the most tender way I can express my Love to the Creator of Everything visible and invisible…,like unspoken words…

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Dare to Dream Geneva, Switzerland Alex Teuscher

Dare to Dream – Geneva, Switzerland – Alex Teuscher


The soul birthed within the universe,

Leaves footprints upon the earth.

Death a portal of eternal life,

Activates the soul’s divine flight.

Truth of life lies beyond human eyes,

Tears fall from the love of all.

Human form laid to rest,

Allows the soul’s journey to progress.

Through the ethers the soul glides,

Into the light of the other side.

Beyond human thought

The soul lives the true spiritual life.

The life intended by THE ALL.

A place of knowledge,

Love and nourishment.

A place that our Spirit exist.

A place where human thought

Cannot persist.

Without greed, lust or hate

The soul transforms

In love, happiness and to create.

A divine home this heavenly place,

Is the truth of why humans exist,

And the Spirit’s life will always persist.

Over the past few week within my family and friends there has been several deaths.  I wrote this in honor of those that remain here on the earth.

This photo was posted previous but I felt it worked really well with this poem.  Photo posted on www.photobotos.com

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The life that lives with regret,

Locked into fret…

Wears a noose tied tight around the neck.


A place with no space,

Constrained and depressed.

Deny the Spirit within

And the regrets will spin.

Alone with regret,

No space left to let others in.

Push the Spirit away,

Regrets will play a trick on you.

Regrets an illusion you see,

That hides the truth of you,

And blocks a view of Thee.

Regret is a lie that denies your life.

Regret leaves you no place to go,

A hell on earth,

With sorrows that run deep.

A reservoir of blood drained from you,

Regret is your Ego boiling in spew.

The human with regret alone and ashamed,

Afflicted by self-blame.

Anger and bitterness eating at you,

What is left…what is there for you?

Let regret go,

And watch the Spirit grow.

Let go of regret and love will come,

Embrace yourself and light your flame.

You deserve more than blame,

The past is done…The story old…

It’s time to put down your fight.

It’s time to write a new chapter in life.

As regrets fade opportunities grow.

Leave regrets behind,

And bask in the light that shines.

Content…happiness…a place of bliss.

Dare to Dream without regret

And the Universe will manifest.

Dare to Dream Geneva, Switzerland Alex Teuscher

Dare to Dream – Geneva, Switzerland – Alex Teuscher

www.photobotos.com   June 24, 2012


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First Light WM

“First Light” – Valdivia, Chile – Charles Brooks – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com June 14, 2012


Silent night…a soundless blight,

A place of fright,

Resonates through the night.

In the darkness grows

The noiseless fight.

For some a place where agony

Vibrates throughout the soul’s plight.

The mind needs rest

In-bosomed in God’s breast.

In consciousness invest

In the merging of the best.

The best of humanity leaving behind

The human unrest.

Transform the thought from colorless dreams

To visions of love that stream in wistful things.

Love, and hate abates…

Joy, and pains quells…

Create, and emptiness fades…

Trust, and dreams do grow…

Believe, and your heart will sing…

The impulse of your essence will radiate

For all to know the universe vibrates

Of Love, that cultivates.


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Rainman Cumhuriyet Square

“Cumhuriyet Square Reflection” – Izmir, Turkey – Nejdet Duzen – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com May 30, 2012


Everything within the world is a reflection

Of the beauty and love of God’s perfection.

All that live on the earth

 Is a birth of God’s loving worth.

Regardless of form, breathe and thought

The creative God gives life

To air, water, and rock.

You are looking into the eyes of the Lord

When you see your reflection

In the watery floor.

All the life that grows from Thee

The stone so rough, polished or pressed

Is formed within God’s breathe.

Upon the stone where the water crawls

The reflections of the land stands so tall.

Clear into the sky you see

While looking down

Is the eyes of God

Beholding all.

Beneath the rock

Is the heart of the Lord.

With vibrations of love,

The ethereal land

Is God’s celestial span.

While on this earthly plane

There is no atom

Without God’s Eternal Flame.

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It is early spring

The birds sing the Lords song.

The sun sneaks up over the lawn

Warming the new life that’s born.

The dew covered grass

Glistens in the light.

A little rabbit nibbles in delight.

The bees go buzzing bye

To find a sweet flower

On which to dine.

The butterfly dances across the sky

In all this I see

The Lord’s Smile

Spread across the clear blue sky.


For as long as I can remember the beauty of nature has always moved me.  Even as a child I would love to watch the dawning day from my bed room window.  In the dark I would sit and listen to the sounds of the night.  The rain and snow falling has never stopped  engaging me.   It was and still is in these sounds and sights… I see God.    This particular poem I never named.   So today I will call it “God Needs No Name.”  As god is Omnipresent.

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During the night

With the candles aglow

I listen to the wind blow.

The rain fall cascading down

Crashes loudly on the ground.

The sounds of the rain

Is a song from the Lord

That lulls me to sleep.

I watch the lacy curtains dance

As the gust of wind

Send the ceiling fan in a spin.

The sounds of the storm echoes

Throughout the darkened room.

The crack of thunder rumbles

Like a furious snore.

Soaring lightning rods illuminate the sky

While the room shadows catch my eyes.

The tumultuous air calms

As the clouds glide slowly by.

It is the whisper of the Spirit

Within the storm I hear.

As the message of love

Settles my fears.

On a stormy night like this

There is great joy and Eternal bliss

For the storm within the Universe

Is where all life begins.


I always love the sound of a spring storm.

Last night I fell asleep to the Lord

Singing me a lullaby in the cascading rain.

This morning I awoke to Spirit’s gentle breath humming in my ear

As the soft rain was hitting my window pane.

There is so much love in a storm like this.

I am eternally grateful for this earthly bliss.

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Masai Mara Lion

“Embracing the Wind” – Masai Mara, Kenya – David Lloyd – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com  posted May 6, 2012



Whether astrological or a beast

The Lion is the King at the royal feast.

The ruler of the animal world.

The leader with pride that extends

Beyond the African plains.

So majestic with a golden mane

So strong is his physical frame.

The Lion an earthly ruler

Created with the Spirit of God

Is the father of his animal tribe.

When he roars the elephants

And gazelles stop to listen.

To the words of the Animal Lord.

With Pride he leads

With knowing he sees

The kingdom of God at his feet.

With his head held high

He inhales deep

Taking in the scent of the winds

That carries the message of his divinity.

He is regal and majestic in his ways

He is the King of the animal land

And the ruler of the milky-way.

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Beautiful Antarctica

In a land of cold

With a floor of ice,

Where the winds

Can freeze a living thing.

There is the breath of the Lord

Creating more than we can see.

In a temperature so cold

Is the reflection of the Divine Soul.

The Soul that lives in everything.

The Soul that burns with the light of God.

The Soul that creates with strength and might

The Soul that extinguishes

The day and ignites the night.

The Soul that treasures all there is

And sees the beauty in the ice,

Can find joy within its life.

For no water, cold or ice,

Can extinguish the burning Soul.

No creature warm or cold blooded

Lives outside God’s fold.

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