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I am one with Thee

Where my love and prayers

Live in Eternity.

Deep within your source

I reach out like the branch on a tree.

Reaching in love for all to see

My life is filled with Spirit’s divinity.

All I plant grows effortlessly

As the breath of the Lord nourishes me.

The Essence of God is all of life’s force

And loving Thee is the way for me.

In ecstasy I surrender with joy

And reverence for you to see.

Within your source

Love is the only way it should be.

Bounding through my heart

Your essence flows in me.

In silence I pray for all to see

A relationship with God is always free.

Free as the breath I breathe

And the sun that shines

The Love of God is always mine.

It is me Lord who forgets to embrace

The light that never dims

It is me Lord who forgets to see

Your reflection in all of humanity.

There is joy in knowing

You have blessed me with freedom to choose

And I rejoice as I pray,

 “Today Lord I am with you all the way!”


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