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Rainbows and Dust – Bantayan Island, Philippines – Marc Hermann – Featured Photographer

Posted 04/06/2012 on www.photobotos.com

There is a path through God’s universe

Where light floods through the canopy of trees.

The prism of color floats in the smoky haze.

The children so precious and innocent

Ride their bike where only God will gaze.

A land of simplicity and divinity,

And the magnificence of the Lord’s creativity.

With trees so lush and fruit so sweet

A ground cover so green and soft beneath your feet.

A tropical place in heart and mind

A glorious spot for all souls to dine.

An ethereal land that spans beyond my human mind.

A place that signifies the reverence for life,

Within this heavenly sphere.

It is a sanctuary of God’s eternal love

And life without fear.

I am on my journey

And I pray that I walk this way.

To this path in such a holy place

Where I see your luminous grace.

(msuzanne April 6, 2012)

Since I started this blog (3 weeks ago) I have been very inspired by a website called photobotos.com Everyday they feature beautiful and creative photographs that have opened my eyes and heart to other parts of the world, that I have never seen, and now I plan to someday see. With every photo I am struck in awe by the incredible creativity of God. The beauty created in every part of our universe, the diversity in God’s creativeness and yet the similarity, all created out of love and with joy.  I am filled with joy to know I live in this incredible universe with inspirational diversity.


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