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Beautiful Flower – Bulgaria – Juliana Nan, photographer

www.photobotos.com Aug 3,2012


Upon a pillow

I lay my head,

To dream a dream

In the heavenly bed.

As I drift to sleep

It is the Lord, who said,

“Sleep sweet child

And rest your eyes,

For tomorrow you see life

From the Spiritual side.”

In the land of slumber

It came to me,

The dream…I dreamed

Of God in everything.

The essence of the Lord,

The Holy One.

A perfect reflection

In the heavenly sun.

There is no particle without Divine life.

There is only beauty within the light.

“Look beyond the human sight,”

A chorus of Angels sang to me,

The Divinity of God emerged

In my sight.

“Cast your eyes from the human side

And allow all illusions to fade from you.”

In perfect harmony they sang this song.

“See the Divinity within the vibrations of life.

Feel the connectedness that erases all strife.

It is love in motion

This eternal potion

That vibrates in all of life.”

The truth you see

Is the connection of All,

Within the universe.

In the droplet form,

See the glistening Spirit

Beaded upon the perfect petal.

Look beyond that into

The reflection of God’s Divinity.

Through this lens now see

The love in everything.


Words of Juliana Nan posted on photobotos.com Aug 3, 2012

I had a dream…

I had visions of a world beyond words, colors, light, and shapes…a world of a different dimension, which I had no way to express. The only perfect creator is God, and we can only strive to achieve it.

I felt an endless longing to touch His perfection by taking photos.

This is the most tender way I can express my Love to the Creator of Everything visible and invisible…,like unspoken words…

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There is one God… One Presence, One Universal Spirit…  God is the Infinite Spirit and Limitless Conscious Life within who all live.   I live and embrace the God Spirit that flows within me and is me.    There is one thought…one universal reflection of all that is…

I live in unity with THE ALL, in harmony with Universal Law, in peace with all God’s creations and in love of self and others.  As a divine creation of God I am good…I am worthy…and filled with the spiritual energy that flows through me and in me as I am the manifestation of God’s divine plan.  I am a demonstration of Gods goodness and my opportunities are unlimited.

I chose to live in the present with God’s love and energy indwelling and expressing.  I open my mind to universal knowledge and the divine truth as expressed through God.  I see with my eyes the beauty around me…the simplicity of divinity and the magnificence of Spirit.  I speak with my voice the words that Spirit crafts and with these words I share love and joy with others.  My heart is open for the Energy of God to express through love given and received.  It is God’s divine intent that I am deserving of love and loving and I allow my heart to release and receive.  In an open embrace I accept the joys this day brings and I know it is God’s will that I receive all goodness and grace of life.  I allow my feet to travel where the Lord leads me.   I trust in the Spirits manifestation through me as a divine expression of thoughts and joy.  So today I chose to walk within the limitless consciousness of God.  I stand in the light of Knowing that God’s thoughts demonstrate truth….joy…love…and abundance.  I am that Truth…as God is me…and God’s thoughts are my thoughts.  I am the very essence of the divine Universal Energy.   God creates with purpose…with perfection so there can only be perfection in my life with God today.

I am eternally grateful for my unity with God… for the divine experience of thought and the physical reflection this Universal Spirit produces.  My gratitude  over flows as I live in the abundance of this creative process…The God Process…The universal law…and the truth of this law.

I release this prayer knowing the reflection of these thoughts and words will be done…and so it is.


Over these past 10 months I have been learning about a new way of praying called, Affirmative Prayer.  I would like to share a prayer I wrote to bring in the Abundance of Joy into my life.  The past three years of my life have been marked by great change, much I controlled and some I did not.  What my spiritual teachers have been teaching me is I can choose to bring joy into my life.  So this pray is about experiencing God’s joy, seeing the beauty of God’s creativity and allowing myself to be led.  For several weeks after I wrote this I said it every morning and many evenings.  It is my belief that this pray with other prayers I wrote have been answered by the words in poetry that I have been posting.  God has so graciously blessed me as his words flow through my fingers to the computer screen.    If this prayer speaks to you please feel free to use it.

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Dare to Dream Geneva, Switzerland Alex Teuscher

Dare to Dream – Geneva, Switzerland – Alex Teuscher


The soul birthed within the universe,

Leaves footprints upon the earth.

Death a portal of eternal life,

Activates the soul’s divine flight.

Truth of life lies beyond human eyes,

Tears fall from the love of all.

Human form laid to rest,

Allows the soul’s journey to progress.

Through the ethers the soul glides,

Into the light of the other side.

Beyond human thought

The soul lives the true spiritual life.

The life intended by THE ALL.

A place of knowledge,

Love and nourishment.

A place that our Spirit exist.

A place where human thought

Cannot persist.

Without greed, lust or hate

The soul transforms

In love, happiness and to create.

A divine home this heavenly place,

Is the truth of why humans exist,

And the Spirit’s life will always persist.

Over the past few week within my family and friends there has been several deaths.  I wrote this in honor of those that remain here on the earth.

This photo was posted previous but I felt it worked really well with this poem.  Photo posted on www.photobotos.com

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A Butterfly flitters,

Across the grass and flower heads.

The rabbit nibbles in the herb bed.

The trickling brook splashes upon the rocks,

Water flows into the pond below.

Fish spawning is as natural as the spring,

My mind wandering is a restful thing.

God settling within my thoughts

Awakens my spirit,

Who quiets the self-talk.

Love within my heart swells,

For the blessings God reveals to me.

Words swirl around my mind each day,

Creating stories for the beauty I see.

Just knowing God is leading me

Is all I need to live so free.

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Lost World Cave

“Lost World Cave” – Waitomo, New Zealand – Chris McLennan

www.photobotos.com June 18, 2012


Feel the mist.

The essence of Spirit’s kiss,

A kiss on the lips.

Climb within the soul of the Lord,

An abyss of love adorn.

Stand as a lover enthralled,

Your light submerged

In God’s glorious life.

Life that breaths in the

Heart of Thee.

Feel yourself dissipate,

As your essence procreates.

A spiritual ecstasy

Of emerging light

A place where you transform

Your human form

Into spiritual song,

Loving, and free,

Feel your vibrating heart strings

Escalate to a holy place

Of the Lord Divine.

Your soul

Your spiritual light

Penetrates the divinity

Of God’s Eternal Light.

A child of light,

A soul’s right

A lover of God’s might.

Forever your light shines

In the eyes of the Divine.

For eons you dine

At the table of the Lord

A place for all souls

Each loved and adored.

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Timeless joy in flight,

Suckle on the nectar of life.

Sing of freedom

And accomplish the impossible things.

Follow your journey a miracle of life

Let the hummingbird lead you with all it’s might.

Destiny…whether wrong or right,

Is a gift of spiritual law.

Such a tiny little bird with an essence so big

Pure vibrations from the energy source.

Resonating sounds and spiritual light

That transforms all life.

In the chill of the night

The little creature stops dead in flight,

And is resurrected by warm day light.

The vibrations in life

Are resonating high in spiritual light.

Set your eyes on this sight

And travel with this bird at the speed of life.

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monks in buddha temple

Buddha Temple – Datdawtaung Cave, Myanmar

 www.photobotos Lin Tun Photographer, July 3,2012


Temple Rhapsody


Engulfed within the Core

Is the Temple of the Lord.

Beating deep in the Majestic Rock,

Is the rhapsody of God’s heart.

The energy wave a beckoning call

For all searching souls to triumphantly fall.

Follow the light

To this incredible site.

Crawl through the hardened rock

And ride the vibrations to the Altar of the Lord.

Within the core is a loving energy source.

A place to heal the lessons of eons ago,

A place where illusions disintegrate.

There is no pain within God’s reign

There is only love in which to grow.

Come align with the universe so divine

And leave your fears far behind.

Within the Core your light does shine.

In the rock you stand within Universal Mind.


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“Late Autumn Japanese Maple” – Mill Valley, California – Ed Callaert – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com  June 16, 2012

Japanese Maple

The roots of a tree grow deep into the Core,

The branches reach high into the heavenly floor.

The leaves bursting with color

Filter the light.

My heart beats in resonance with the Lord.

My mind searches for more.

Like blood through the veins,

The essence of God flows through everything.

Within the universe I stand

Amongst the immortal,

The Essence of God

My life’s portal.

My heart like the leaf

Connected to the vine.

Each leaf unique

Grows in the light that shines,

An intricate part of the Universal Mind.

(“Daphne” London, England  www.photobotos.com Patrick Nicholas)

It is the trunk of the tree

That gives life to the sacred leaf.

It is the roots that anchor the tree,

To the core of the Lord.

All in humanity connected

Like the leaf on a vine.

All strung together

In Universal Mind.

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Recently in a writers group I attend a wonderfully sensitive and creative woman shared a piece she channeled.  I am printing a portion of that piece here as the words resonated within me and intrigued my need to understand…to accept…to know.

“The knowledge of all science, the keys to the universe are within our own galaxy of the space we refer to as our heart.  With all this glorious magnitude, its structure is also fragile, as fragile as fine crystal, holding the wealth of knowledge that is contained in one trickling tear drop, go no further and ponder on this statement, feeling in your heart when a tear rolls down your face.  One teardrop has your very quantified information encapsulated for the world to learn from, think about it, your very one teardrop placed under a magnifying glass would tell the universe your very life story from the beginning of the first moment in time.  That’s how big we are yet so fragile. But we do not have the equipment for this technology yet in the physical world and we will never need it because we can feel it.  When we are in the state of love or the space of compassion for all, we look into the eyes of our human brothers and sisters and into the very space before we blink our eyes exchange a magnitude of information that gets processed within a complex system of biosphere.  Can we slow down and feel our lives and remember the importance of a feeling we have put over there to the side, until later, and later, and later?  Some of us hold this gift of grace, few I suspect.  Speaking from the woman called Regina. “


Yesterday, Sunday July 1, at my spiritual center there were students of Barbara Marx Hubbard who presented a movie and brief discussion.  The main premise of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s teaching is we can be proactive and lead our future through a “Conscious Evolution.”

“What if we come together at an unprecedented scale to cleanse, ourselves of violence, commit ourselves to health, pledge ourselves to generosity, and state our intention for a new kind of world where we are all respectful, loving members of a single human family living in harmony with all creation?” (B.M.Hubbard,  Birth 2012)

So now you are wondering what does this have to do with Regina.  Last evening I was reading the book,  “Birth 2012 And Beyond, Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution,” by Barbara Marx Hubbard.  And in chapter 1 was the following, the “Universe Story is actually imprinted in our hearts, our bodies, and in our souls.”   So while Regina’s piece captured my attention it is interesting to me that I have lived 51 years without ever hearing that, and now in two different places, I am taking in the same message.  Thank you Regina, thank you Barbara Mar Hubbard, and thank you to her students for sharing this message.

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Donner Party – Donner Lake, California – Elizabeth Carmel

www.photobotos.com  June 27, 2012


Lost in the caverns of my heart

Is my love for you.

Buried deep within

Is all you mean to me.

Letting love grow

And my fears fade away.

Standing in the light my life ignites,

Like fireworks in the night.

Trusting you is a simple thing to do.

Loving you… Loving me,

Allowing you to love me,

Is where I choose to be.

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