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Powerscout Waterfall Ireland

“Powerscout Waterfall” – Wicklow Mountains, Ireland –

Flip Kos – Featured Photographer   www.photobotos.com  June 4, 2012

A trickle of love runs through the heart with each beat.

I shed a single tear as I weep.

An ache withers in pain.

Pain exists on the earthly plane.

A babbling brook overflows in the rain.

There is no shame.

There is no pain.

A gush of love swells the vein.

A heart bounds within a frame.

The water fall cascades in the earthly plane.

A song in the heart

Dances in the brain.

Love exists on every plane.

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Grand Falls in Golden Light

“Grand Falls” – Flagstaff, AZ – Scott Wood – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com  May 11, 2012


As the Spirit flies in the sky

Above the cannon and rocks so high,

The cascading flow from the water source

Ebbs and course through the core.

The world so grand is created

By the One Spiritual hand.

In a land that flows with

God’s eternal light

Is the land where life exist

In perfect harmony.

Grace between air, water and dirt

Is the inherent nature of the earth.

The water moves

Across the rocks

And leaves a gorge in the core.

The river way

Spawns life and breath into

Those that swim and

Animals that play.

While the trees and plants grow

From the earth’s floor.

The sunlight ignites

The beauty of the Lord.

All life in and beneath the sky

Is a reflection of God’s creative side.

The Spirit that flows through

Air, water, and rocks,

Is the beating heart

And the breath of life.

It is throughout the land

That the Lord’s love spans

Within every molecule

Of air, water, and dirt.

Within every living creature

That roams the earth.

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Under the willow

A mother weeps

As she buries her child

Beneath her feet.

The Queen of Heaven

Stands at her side

As she wipes

The tears from her eyes.

The shoots of the willow

The mother ties.

With a wish in her heart

She pleads to the tree

For the release of her grief.

An enchanted tree

The willow weeps

Its limbs hang low

With the heavy leaves.

The shoots whip when the winds blow.

As the priest and priestess pray

For ills to fade away.

As the poet lays to sleep

Beneath the willow the dreams do grow

As the words of the poem start to flow.

The magical tree the willow heals

Those who weep.

And eases the pain

From their tormented sleep.

To bring serenity to the sea of tears

To bring harmony within the earthly sphere.

With the sway of the willow shoots

The mother releases her fears.

Beneath the moon

The willow grows

In love the tree bows it head

To the souls of the dead.

With its arms it embraces

The mother who stands beneath the tree.

And cloaks the poet who lay to dream.


Several weeks ago when I was meditating the Blessed Mother came to me.  She took my hand and we buried a seed and from that seed grew a big, beautiful willow tree.   The limbs so heavy were laden down with the gifts it brings to me.  Each day and night I thank Mary and the Lord for this beautiful image now permanently etched in my mind and heart.   Several days ago, I was googling the spiritual meaning of the willow and I had to read more on the origins of the Mary.  After reading several sites I sat in silence and the poem flowed.   I dedicate this poem to all the mothers around the world who have stood beneath the willow tree.  For it is said there is magic and healing powers within the willow tree and for thousands of years Mothers around the world have stood beneath the tree in grief…And so the willow weeps…And so the willow heals.

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Beautiful Antarctica

In a land of cold

With a floor of ice,

Where the winds

Can freeze a living thing.

There is the breath of the Lord

Creating more than we can see.

In a temperature so cold

Is the reflection of the Divine Soul.

The Soul that lives in everything.

The Soul that burns with the light of God.

The Soul that creates with strength and might

The Soul that extinguishes

The day and ignites the night.

The Soul that treasures all there is

And sees the beauty in the ice,

Can find joy within its life.

For no water, cold or ice,

Can extinguish the burning Soul.

No creature warm or cold blooded

Lives outside God’s fold.

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Coral Garden - Floris van Breugel

“Coral Garden”, Ofu Island, American Samoa

Floris van Breugel – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 24, 2012


The coral beneath the sea

Is a treasure chest

Of God’s creativity.

The colors of the coral

Are a rainbow for all to see.

The sea of God

It is laid out so beautifully.

With life that exist in many forms

From the fish that swim, the snails that crawl,

The crabs and lobster are creatures with claws.

The life so abundant beneath the sea

Is just a glimpse of God’s creativity.

The water exists in a droplet form

And in unity the ocean is born.

The abundance of this universe

Is seen in all places across the earth.

Across the land and into the sky

The breath of the Lord

Reaches so high.

It is the core of the Lord

That gives us form.

It is the Breath

That fills our lungs

When we were first born. 

The diversity of the Lord’s creativity

Is seen so perfectly  

In all unique life forms.

All which exist within Thee

Whether on land, in water, or sky

Does not matter.

All creatures great and small

All humans regardless of race, religion or color

Are all united within God’s grace. 



I would like to thank everyone who read my poems.  I receive great joy from writing and sharing them.  I feel very blessed to be the scribe for God’s creativity that manifests through these words.  Please feel free to comment even if you want to share how you would say it differently or see it differently.  I have so much to learn about God’s universe.  And so much to learn about each of you, where you live and what you think.   It is in God’s divine plan that I open my mind and heart to all.  Thank you for sharing in my journey.      

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Swinging Baby Bonobo

Swinging Baby Bonobo   “In Dreams I Can Fly” 

Apenheul Primate Park, The Netherlands

Manuela Kulpa – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 16, 2012


With each infant born

Is the dream of harmony.

Love of the world it sees,

Not knowing any negativity

That lives beyond its tree.

A life so precious, a heart so pure,

Behind closed lids he absorbs

The warmth of the suns’ loving kiss.

Each species is of the heavenly race,

And deserves to live within God’s Grace.

A manifestation of God’s creativity

Swims in oceans, runs through the land,

And swings in trees

With the use of his hands.

Each life form flows

From the essence of the Lord.

In the universe so vast

It is God’s wish for every species

To walk its unique Divine path.

Once again, I must give thanks to my friend Peter who helped me smooth over the bumps in this poem.  Over the past few days I have played with this and did not feel satisfied.  A beautiful spirit as in this little monkey deserved words that reflect its inherent divinity.      I hope you find the love for this little guy that I have.  The Universal Mother Father God, that I believe we all pray, has created a divine path for all creatures and human on this planet.  It is our responsibility to live in unity with all within the universe.

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lightning over mount st. helens

Lightning Over Mount St. Helens

Mount Saint Helens, Washington

Miles Morgan – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 17, 2012


When the sky is so dark

And the rains fall.

The thunder roars

As the lightning strikes.

We look to the sky

Hoping to get a glimpse

Of God rolling on by.

The splendor of the Lord

Is visible for all to see.

It is easily seen in the colors of spring.

The magnificence of mountain high

And the ocean deep.

It is felt in the falling rain

That sustains everything.

Within the thunderstorm

Is the passion of the Lord.

It is his love that we hear

In the explosive roar.

The lightning strike

Illuminate the darkened sky.

Just as the Spirit is flying by.

And beneath it all

Is the land that sprawls

From the mountains to the

Fields below.

The flowers bow in homage

As the winds of the Lord blow.

A storm may feel for some

To be a discord in a God made space.

What I see is the divinity

That Heaven displays within this place.

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