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Horns of Paine

Horns of Paine “Los Cuernos Del Paine”, Patagonia, Chile

Ian Plant, Featured Photographer  www.photobotos.com April 23, 2012


The clouds from the stormy night

Lift away from the land below

And are blessed by the breath of God

By the winds that blow.

The rising sun’s radiant light

Sends beams through the misty haze

While the morning creatures

Bow in loving praise.

The rocks along the water’s edge

Span into a lush green scene.

The Holy Land from river to sea

From sunrise to sunset

Sits in the iridescent glow

Of Spirit’s Creativity.

The land of molten rock

Rises from the core of the Lord.

The core of heavenly thoughts

Continue to wash upon the shore.  

The water flowing around the world 

Rushes in great turbulence

And calms in quiet tranquility. 

The waves crash upon the rocks

And fall back to the water bed.

With each lash on the shore

Is the caress of the loving hand of the Lord.

The skies throughout the universe

Are filled with the breath of Thee

And from that breath

I breathe the essences of everything.

And within this breath

I absorb the morning mist of the dawning day.

I inhale the illuminating glow

Of the setting sun so far away.

I receive the energy of the universe so vast

As I am one within the One

That lays our world’s divine path.   

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Natural Cathedral

The Natural Cathedral

“La Cathédrale Naturelle”– Amsterdam, The Netherlands

 Lars van der Goor – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 18, 2012


I kneel to pray

In the cathedral beneath the trees

In the mist of heavenly tranquility.

It is here that I lay

My heart and spirit today.

Beneath the lacy tops

Of the trees that prop the

Cathedral within the Lord’s Divinity.

It is a wonder to know

That where ever I go

I stand in holy land.

For all within this universe

Is a reflection of The Spirit so diverse.

So diverse to create a home

For the leopards and apes.

A place for the entire human race.

So where ever you are

Drop to your knees and say,

“Thank you Lord for this incredible day.”

And open your eyes and heart to

Those you see

And just know we are all

Of God’s Divinity.

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Swinging Baby Bonobo

Swinging Baby Bonobo   “In Dreams I Can Fly” 

Apenheul Primate Park, The Netherlands

Manuela Kulpa – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 16, 2012


With each infant born

Is the dream of harmony.

Love of the world it sees,

Not knowing any negativity

That lives beyond its tree.

A life so precious, a heart so pure,

Behind closed lids he absorbs

The warmth of the suns’ loving kiss.

Each species is of the heavenly race,

And deserves to live within God’s Grace.

A manifestation of God’s creativity

Swims in oceans, runs through the land,

And swings in trees

With the use of his hands.

Each life form flows

From the essence of the Lord.

In the universe so vast

It is God’s wish for every species

To walk its unique Divine path.

Once again, I must give thanks to my friend Peter who helped me smooth over the bumps in this poem.  Over the past few days I have played with this and did not feel satisfied.  A beautiful spirit as in this little monkey deserved words that reflect its inherent divinity.      I hope you find the love for this little guy that I have.  The Universal Mother Father God, that I believe we all pray, has created a divine path for all creatures and human on this planet.  It is our responsibility to live in unity with all within the universe.

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lightning over mount st. helens

Lightning Over Mount St. Helens

Mount Saint Helens, Washington

Miles Morgan – Featured Photographer

www.photobotos.com April 17, 2012


When the sky is so dark

And the rains fall.

The thunder roars

As the lightning strikes.

We look to the sky

Hoping to get a glimpse

Of God rolling on by.

The splendor of the Lord

Is visible for all to see.

It is easily seen in the colors of spring.

The magnificence of mountain high

And the ocean deep.

It is felt in the falling rain

That sustains everything.

Within the thunderstorm

Is the passion of the Lord.

It is his love that we hear

In the explosive roar.

The lightning strike

Illuminate the darkened sky.

Just as the Spirit is flying by.

And beneath it all

Is the land that sprawls

From the mountains to the

Fields below.

The flowers bow in homage

As the winds of the Lord blow.

A storm may feel for some

To be a discord in a God made space.

What I see is the divinity

That Heaven displays within this place.

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In the garden I sit to meditate,

With the sun’s brilliant rays pulling me in.

The air so clear with a gentle breeze,

Is your essence Lord

Calling me to your Sanctity.

As I follow my breath I find you patiently waiting for me.

The chimes sing an Angelic song as you court me along.

The mental haze brings forth your loving grace.

As we stand in our Holy embrace.

Your essence Lord kisses my face.

It is in this very moment of tenderness,

The pureness of my Soul exposed,

That our Spirits meld within this enchanted place.

This spiritual dance an energy exchange strengthens me,

So I go on in this earthly plane.

Knowing the Divinity Lord

Of my Soul exist within Thee.

Your essences is all of me…the love of me…

The past…the present and future of me.

As I sit and meditate in the sacredness of this moment

A fierce explosive buzz interrupts our love.

I sit so quietly yet the Bee is sounding more furiously

Lord I hear you laugh and say, “Just will it away.”

With the power of my mind I spoke,

“Oh Lord, I do not want to go and chase this bee today.”

The aggressive bee zoomed closer to me.

Caught in my hair I had to jump out of the chair.

With a shake of my head and a swat of my hands

 I freed the bee from the head of me.

Now as I sit I have rejoined the earthly plane

With a bee in my hand

And All God’s love surrounding me,

Embracing me and within me.

Sorry Lord, I did not mean to swat so hard.

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Night Dreams

Whispers of Eternity” – Adraga Beach, Portugal – Jorge Maia – Featured Photographer

On www.Photobotos.com April 14, 2012

•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆

Once upon a dream on a starry night

The land of God arose from the sea

Leaving the water to sit so tranquilly.

In the stillness of this night

The Spirit’s breath moved the earth

To divide the sea.

And now the darkness glows across the world

As the love of Spirit embraces you and me.

It is the essence of God that manifest

The world we see.

It is Divine Law that all created so perfectly. 

In the still of this night along the sea

There is Spiritual Splendor moving in the gentle breeze.

The mystical world of God’s Divinity

Is laid out across our universe

For all God’s children to live their life in harmony. 

In the life of a Soul

The day and night on this earthly plane

Is just a fleeting flash of light.   

God knows the struggles within the human race

Are thoughts without power nor grace.     

The wars between humans will fade away

As the world we know is transformed

By the Heavenly Glow.

The illumination of God’s Divine plan

Has been set in motion

It is Eternal Life for every child, woman and man.

So hear the Lord in the Whisper of Eternity

And watch the darkness glow

Into the life of love and harmony.

•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆

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Oh God… My Lord.

It is of your accord

I awake to this sacred day.

And on this day I rejoice and say

There is great joy in my love of Thee.

Your light within is burning bright.

Your love is carrying me.

As I live within our union today.

Loving you Lord

Is a wonderful price to pay.

For a life so rich,

Abundant and free.

Within your consciousness

I can have anything that is good for me.

It is your completeness and gentleness

That allows my soul to express so gracefully.

The infinite God so good

Is here for all to embrace

For all mankind in our human race.

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Aurora Borealis – Marc Adamus – Featured Photographer,

www.photobotos.com on April 12, 2012

•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆

There is a land in which I dream

To climb the mountains and swim the stream.

A celestial place in hues of green.

Were the still water is a reflecting glass,

For all to see what is in their path.

It is a place of divine grace

That fills the empty human space.

A place to find the answers to your prayers.

As the color of the sky transforms the land

You know the Truth of God is at hand.

It is where God whispers in the quiet voice.

That you are deserving of all your dreams.

So look into the looking glass and grasp

The magnificence of Spirit and the beauty of Divinity.

Close your eyes and hear the winds as they whisk on by,

Feel the love from the One who embraces you.

You are cherished, loved and adored.

You are the greatest gift from the Lord.

(msuzanne, April 12, 2012)

 •*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆ •*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•☆

Becoming a blogger has open my world from the small microcosm in which I live to seeing the diversity on this incredible earth.   And today’s poem, I dedicate to a blogger from Indonesia whose words echo within me as a statement of truth for where I have been, where I am, and where I am going.   It has taken me 5 decades to embrace life and to offer up to God each day the things that stand in my path of joy, love, and prosperity.  The words in this poem flowed with the image of Mei  in my mind and heart.   www.meirozavian.wordpress.com  Thank you for sharing your thoughts and world with me.

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Within the darkness

I hang my head in sorrow.

Within the darkness

I lose sight of tomorrow.

Within the darkness

 My love festers.

Within the darkness

My light is dim.

Within the darkness

Joy lingers.

Within the darkness

I raise my eyes to Thee.

Within the darkness

The old fades away.

Within the darkness

The new is born.

From the darkness comes

What I am looking for.

I find my way by the light of my soul.

I find my love still burning like coal.

I find my path you lead me so freely.

I find my words you gave to me.

I find my heart

You so embrace within me.

Within the light I shine

Within the light I dine.

I dine on the Eternal feast

You so graciously prepared for me.

Within the light I live

Where an overflowing joy abounds.

Within your source I exist

I exist within heart and mind.

I exist within my cells and organs.

I exist as millions of particles

And all in unity of one.

My one

A one of trillions within this universe.

And trillions within the One.

All within One Source

The One Power

The One Love

The One God and Force.

The Manifesting One

That lives within me.

There is completeness

Within this Unity.

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A heart that is young

Will never grow old.

A heart that loves

Will never grow cold.

A heart that is rooted in the right place

Will always be kind and full of grace.

A heart that is always open

Will find itself in everything it meets.

A heart that reaches out

Will be a heart that receives.


Today I dedicate this poem to a dear long-time friend.  She is affectionately known to me as ShaSha and has been my best friend since we were 4 years old.  Even when friends don’t talk every day they often have a special bond that allows communication on different levels.  And Sha and I have that bond.   This poem is from my youth and I share it today with love for my ShaSha.  May the burden in your heart be lifted.  I love you!

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