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Travel in Prayer

Now that I travel with my job all my routines have been disrupted. That includes my prayer and meditation routines. For many years, I awoke automatically at 0400 and started my prayers and meditation. Now that I am working to midnight or 1 a.m. and I get back up at 6 a.m., I have found new times to prayer and meditation.

I am spending more time in my car, so I am using that time to pray. It works well for my affirmative prayer and prayers of gratitude. Over the past two months, I have driven Route 81 from Pennsylvania to Tennessee and Virginia area multiple times. My employer would fly me, but I request the drive. I love travelling with my dog King. So we drive eight to ten hours together along with God.

There is great beauty in a long drive through open lands, farms, towns and mountains. For nine hours I find God in every beautiful scene, I see: In the landscapes, the cows, pigs, sheep and wild animals we pass along the way. The towns and people are the energy of life. I see God sitting in the back seat as my handsome big dog named King. He sits so majestically staring out the windows admiring the beauty around him. Often raising an eyebrow or two when the big steer appears right outside the window. Occasionally, I hear a moan of excitement as the animals are clearly in his view. We pass hills that are so steep I wonder how the cows or horse stand and graze without rolling down the mountain. The flowers have been brilliant in colour and the trees budding with greenery. Our first trip was in the cold of March. We left Pennsylvania with snow on the ground and the landscape dormant. We drove south-west and the closer we got to our destination of Greeneville Tennessee we saw the early signs of winter’s end. I pointed out the first buds on the forsythia bush to King. While it may not have meant much to him, it certainly was the reminder to me of the waking within and the rebirth of Spring.

Spring, the awakening, the rebirth of all that is living in our beautiful landscape is one continuous prayer of gratitude. It is joyous, abundant, and the manifestation of God as life itself. When we returned to PA, I found the first buds on the forsythia bushes awaking. Each trip I find new life when we arrive at our destination and then see it again when we return home. As I acknowledge the beauty all around, I can not help but feel my heart swell, my gratitude grew and my homage for the Divine energy to soar.

Meditation has been more fleeting as I rarely have the time to sit quietly for an hour. Some days the 20-30 minutes does not feel enough. This past trip I found a salt room, Salt of the Earth, in the historic town of Abingdon. For fifty minutes, I relaxed in the salt room and allowed myself to turn within for very peaceful and loving meditation. This was my first experience in a salt room and was not sure what to expect. I am very comfortable working with salts, salt lights and often bath with Himalayan pink salt/ soap. It is a beautiful way to cleans after intense reiki sessions or after very emotional situations. It clears the energies that need not stay or weigh me down. From the salt under my feet, the salt on my lap and around my neck I felt at home basking in the light. I felt my soul calling me inward, and I eagerly surrendered.

I look forward to returning to the salt room this coming week when King and I return to Abingdon VA.


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