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In Three They Come


They say in threes they come and go.
Three newborns in your circle of family and friends.
Three deaths in a row.

Good books come in a trilogy,
and who can eat just two cookies?
Some people have three marriages
before they find the right one.

Three witches, you say they stand
a reminder of a dark time and land.
Made of sticks and branches,
never falling from the place, they band.

A witch so wicked
A witch so kind
A witch we all are,
with great gifts from the Divine.

Are spells and potions of that God made,
something to fear and hate?
When one falls to the ego’s fight and cuts off the Divine light,
others pay the price.

No different today in our culture of religions and political array,
we see this fear sweeping masses astray.
People once kind now lacking compassion and clarity of mind.

In the Egotic twist, we find,
many chose to cut off the Divine.
It is of free will we build our hate and fear
It is of free will we follow behind.

*Egotic – is not a word found in the English dictionary. I use it here and in other writings to represent the negative twist the ego takes when it turns from divine grace. The ego itself is not a negative energy nor a negative part of our mortal self until the ego’s beliefs block Gods light.

Thursday photo prompt: Wicker #writephoto

      Thank you Sue Vincent for another great Photo Prompt at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.


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