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Centuries Old


The Spirit travels for eons and eons,
and lives in the heart of the young and old.

Expressing in buildings, boats, landscapes, human and animal souls.
Living in the voices and laughter that echoes in the hollow halls.

Giving strength to the weary timbers that bend the old floors
and sag in the ceilings, walls and doors.

The energy of eternity is young in the house of centuries old.
It is the flame of light that lives within every soul.

A house, a home, is life itself
a decadent design for the architect of its time.

A structure, a place of harbor for the weary, the love-filled,
the scared and cold.

A place to rest your head and to breath the life of the
loving soul.

A place where human life erodes as the Spirit continues to grow.

Todays post is in response to the photo prompt on: https://scvincent.com/2019/05/02/thursday-photo-prompt-monochrome-writephoto


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