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Forbidden Fruit

I revived this blog to help me restore my creative flow. When I write poems, there is something soothing happening within me. When I write stories, I feel my mind and energy grow. In the years the blog was dormant I was writing stories, short, long, sad, mysteries, and inspiring. These stories have not been shared. Someday I may share some of them or part of them here. I experimented with a few poems that were intended to tell a story. One thing I felt sure of during this dormant time was the poems I wrote, were in some way the groundwork for my future novel. I was not sure how it would play out, but I had the acknowledgement within.

One such poem I wrote in response to an online poetry class, was called Forbidden Fruit. The assignment was to write about a myth, tale, or fable that has been passed down for generations. It came to me instantly the story was Adam and Eve. It was a story I found confusing as a child. I told sister in first grade, the snake could not be evil because God made it, and it had a soul. She told me I was wrong and off to the corner I went.

While the religious explanation about the snake never sat well with me. I now had an opportunity to make sense of the snake’s, role based on my growing spiritual beliefs. The Universe, God, Spirit was with me on the path as I wrote this poem. I did not realize then, it had a place in my first novel and the theme of the poem was the thread that moves The Extricated Soul, forward.

When I started my novel, it was after many weeks of prayer and meditation for the story to flow. Most interesting around that same time, I was actively doing Reiki for many challenging situations. These were sessions for the dying, very sick, and others emotionally self-imploding. I was meeting people who needed spiritual guidance from their soul, so I delivered the messages. And there were others whose deceased loved ones required me to deliver messages. Occasionally, I found my car ride in solitude, interrupted by an energy telling me who they wanted me to speak with. I was deeply touched and grateful for this service. My prayer and meditation life grew as I felt more and more of my alignment and openness to be a channel.

During this time, my connection with Arch Angel Michael became very important to me. Our communications were daily and quickly flowed. One day before meditation, I said to Arch Angel Michael “tell me what I should write”. And as I was finishing the meditation, the thoughts arose in my mind, ‘write what you know, the Reiki you do, the love you have’. And the story was started.

Back to the Poem, I called it “Forbidden Fruit”. A story of Adam and Eve and how they used their free will. I see the snake in this story as a conduit for God, a manifestation of God through the reptile. It is not evil; it is not tempting Adam and Eve to turn from God. This poem is the prologue for the novel and is the foreshadowing of how the story unfolds, and the characters develop.

adam and eve

Picture found online in 2014,
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Forbidden Fruit
Succulent fruit hanging on the vine.
Humans and animals living in
harmony with the Divine.
Beauty of the creating Lord
flourishes in blooms and grasses
across the garden floor.

Adam and Eve strolling among the leaves,
living a life of grace and easy.
Man and women created to celebrate
the harmony and joy of this garden so great,
can pet the lions and play with the hounds,
and live in a world without barriers or bounds.
A garden of love for animals, insects, plants and trees.
A love of one another and the Energy Source.

Through the choice and thought’s, they made,
the Universe gave them the ability to co-create.
Universal Law a gift from God,
says it is your thoughts that create the life
and feelings you procreate.

In contemplation of wanting more
Adam and Eve ventured to the forbidden tree
protected by a serpent of truth.
Eve asked, “What is it you protect in this tree?”

Slithering in silence the snake left his perch,
to look the couple in the eye,
to see what questions
the souls were hiding inside.
As he looked, he saw the souls trying to re-align.

“One choice can send your world in a spin,”
is what this serpent said to them.

“It is our right to know…what it is this tree does grow?”
Responded Eve.

The serpent moved closer to see what Adam didn’t show,
“Why are you so silent and not asking to know?”
Asked the snake then hissed and moved away slow.

“It is my partner’s plight to see the truth in a different light,
and there is no one else for me to love so joyously.”

“Ahhh,” said the serpent,
“A couple so free, in a garden of bliss,
so eager to separate
from the Divine that created all of this.
Yes, it is your choice to taste the fruit.
And, I will tell you it is your choice that
grows the Garden of Eden
or creates a world of fears and hate.
Use your thoughts wisely…
For they will quickly procreate.”
The serpent slide from the tree
to reveal the lush fruit.

In last words he said,
“You have received the message from your Creator,
Who has given you this freedom to choose.
And always, God will sit and wait for you,
Receiving you back regardless of what you think and do.
In re-alignment you will find the Garden of Eden is still divine.”

Further, from the tree he slid,
and one last time looked back to see
the forms of Adam and Eve lose their radiant light
as they bite the fruit from the forbidden tree.
It did not take long for the ego to take hold
and the life of contrast ignite
into a world of illusions and fright.


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