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Through the Shadow a Soul walks,
in darkness that leads us
to a doorway of light.
A path unfolding underfoot,
from tumultuous to flattened stone.
The darkness brings hope,
dim slivers of light excite the Soul leaving the dark night.
The ego celebrates as the path comes into view.
Now, just one more step or two.
Fear is transmuted from darkness to light,
fear of the good things that are all right.
Am I worthy?
Am I an imposter or a fool?
Is this path intended for me?
Or is it someone else’s you see?
The egotic mind in such a twist must re-align.
In the long night,
there is hope for a new life.
In the light, one must live the life they dreamed.
In the light, one must embrace the grace and dignity,
which God grants for our Soul to breath.
The ego once twisted now re-aligned
Is ready to step over the line
And claim its Soul’s divine right.
Each step into the light
is momentum for more
To enter the journey of God’s love adorned.


Written for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt 5.23.2019



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