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King calling for service as we arrived at day boarding,  he likes his spa days, pampering, treats, and time away from our hotel room.



“Tell me about you, who are you?” This is a common question many people ask in interviews, on dates, or just getting to know someone. I often start with “I’m spiritual, a nurse, love dogs, divorced, gardener, like to cook, read, write, and ride motorcycles.” Sometimes I go on with other information, other times I give less like I don’t know who I am. Sometimes it feels dull and empty as I recite the list of things without any attachment to them. In our Society, we place a lot of emphasis on the “Labels” we attach to ourselves. The labels define us. Because of labels, others look up to us or down at us. We see the evidence of this playing out in our present day politics and in some religions.
Labels define every aspect of our life, our religion, race, nationality, politics, health, jobs, and sexual preferences. We even label ourselves as our activities. “I am a gardener, cook, writer and motorcyclist.”

We label our pets. Dogs are labeled by their breed, stereotyped temperament for some and the inherent disposition of others. They can be pedigree, mutts, work dogs, a rescued dog, and designer dogs, etc. My King is a rescue, black lab & Great Dane mix. I became attached to saying this over the five years we have been together. I proudly recite, he is a black lab Great Dane mix. Two well-liked dog breeds. And everybody says, that is why he is so big, or why he is so sweet with such a lay-back personality. He is labeled this on his dog licenses in two counties, on his adoption papers, passed on to his medical records, and I have told everyone, even you. What happens if this is not true? Well, I tested that paradigm recently when I did a DNA test for Kings genetic makeup. I was working in Tennessee when the results dinged my inbox at 12:15 am. I was just getting into bed when I heard the email, so I looked to see what arrived, and there it sat. In the subject line, “King’s results are in.” My heartbeat quickened as I thought, do I open it now or wait until later? Yes, I opened it then. As I read it, I felt a little puzzled and odd feeling this can’t be right; maybe they mixed up the test kits. I slept well that night, snuggled up to King.

In the morning, I reread the results to see if what I remember was true. And yes, I was not dreaming; he was still the same mix of breeds as I read the night before. My black lab, great Dane mix had zero black lab and no great Dane in him. In that brief second, the paradigm I build around him had to shift. My King is a German Sheppard, Mastiff, Rottweiler and Terrier mix. The possibility of being Sheppard always sat in the back of my mind, but the others surprised me. He is a mutt. A mutt, I love and adore, and that will never change. He still looks at me with those ‘all knowing’ soulful eyes and with unconditional love that radiates in his heart and energy field.

So many times, we fall in love with the labels that others wear, and we grow attached to the ones we proudly wear. What happens when that paradigm shifts or shatters? What happens when we find out someone we love or admire is not the person we wanted them to be, or we thought they were. They didn’t live up to the labels we attach to them, or they attached to themselves? What happens when our dream job ends or our loved one leaves? It can be life-shattering, end in divorce, loss of identity, depression, anger, or worse for some, it may end in suicide.

If we see our self as created in God’s image, then we see the true self. The Spirit, the Soul, the energy of unconditional love, infinite intelligence, joy, compassion, beauty, peace, harmony, prosperity and all the divine qualities of God. Yet, we lose sight of this as we incarnate into the mortal body, and we take on the identity of labels and enter the dimension of paradigms. It is our journey to find our way back to the truth of who we are. Our Soul’s development will help push us to break down the paradigms and leave the labels behind. Some people will live this life weighted down by their ego’s belief and locked into a paradigm of Labels. It is in this state that they find others less then themselves and feel their own views and life has more value. This sets up the divisiveness we see around the world. This is the breeding ground of hate, oppression, and the devaluing of human life.

To break the paradigm of separation and hate, we need to shift to a belief of mutual respect and honor the Soul/Spirit that lives within each person. Don’t look at the mortal coat they wear or the labels they carry, allow yourself to feel the presence of God within them. Allow yourself to feel and live the presence of God within you. This gives power to others to live and feel the presence of God within. When we live with that presence, there is no space or thought to suppress, hurt or hate.

Living and feeling the presence of God is the common thread in the book, The Extricated Soul. China Hope, the cool RN who does Reiki continues in her mortal journey allowing her Soul to expand with the truth of who she really is. A spirit in manifestation always connected to the Divine presence that creates all is all and is never void in anything.
Join China in her journey through mortal life and her expansion as a Divine Soul.


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