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Many religions teach that we are made with a soul that has been given to us by God. That soul is the part of us that has been made in God’s image. Spiritually that means to me, I am a Soul/Spirit having a human incarnation. My soul has always been, will exist for infinity and can never be destroyed. It is the part of me/us that has eternal life. My body will decay and turn to dust once my soul extricates this mortal vessel.

We read in the literature, the weight of the body decreases by one ounce or less after death. I have been at the bedside of many people at their death, repeatedly I felt the warmth of the soul when it leaves the body. Sometimes that energy stays in the room as it comforts the people it so dearly loved. Then I feel that warmth leave, and the temperature in the room goes from warm and comforting to cool and vacant. Each time this happens I have felt an overwhelming blessing to be there to aid in the transition.
In the book, The Extricated Soul, I refer to souls as dark souls and white souls. The white soul is recognized by the ego and consciousness of the human it dwells within, as the higher self, the soul or spirit. The ego aligns itself with the soul.

While many people may not consider themselves spiritual or even believe in God, they may sense there is something bigger than themselves. They live to a moral code and listen to that higher self that guides them. In other humans, there is a strong spiritual sense of living their life from a place of love, compassion, joy, forgiveness and truth to name a few of the divine qualities. The white soul is a “wise old soul”, we often refer to people who show compassion and forgiveness as a “wise old soul.” They are the white souls, like China, Eleazar, and the other white souls who experience extrication. They are the ones who travel to the Spiritual Centers around the world to aid in the healing of our divisive culture. They are willing to leave all behind for a calling to serve humanity and the divine creator. They exist in every religion, nationality, and color.

The dark soul is the person who has turned away from it’s “higher self, soul, spirit or energy” it is up to you to name that part of you based on your beliefs. In the book, the dark soul is not a color of the soul, it is the soul living in the darkness of the ego, or in the shadow of the ego. Living in fear and in beliefs of victimhood, power mongering, and hate. It may start for some, as a small thing that happens in their life that moves them into a fear state. And the shadow begins to block the light of the divine soul within. Our soul is not a power monger; it will gently call us back. Yet, the ego starts a new belief, “I must never let anyone ever hurt me again.“ So the fear antenna goes up, and one begins to see situations from a place of fear. When this happens, a person will read into other’s intentions and will stop showing compassion and forgiveness. It may not take long before they are lost in the world of paradigms, power mongering, and fear. Once this happens, the light of the soul is cut off from the human it serves. The Ego’s rhetoric blocks the gentle calls of the soul. The Ego’s attention is now locked into the divisive beliefs that govern the human’s life.

In the book, The Extricated Soul, I take liberty with this belief to build the story of white souls healing dark souls. By the end of the third re-incarnation in a row, if the soul does not expand, it is living entirely in the darkness of the ego. On the fourth or fifth lifetime without expansion, it is much harder to save the soul.

While I am a spiritual person, I recognize many people who are not yet ready to awaken to the truth of who we are, may be more prepared to accept a story of fiction and fantasy to see a new paradigm. Presently, I am seeing an uptick of books, tv series, and movies about witches, psychics and God. I love, “God Friended Me,” a new series that demonstrates the connectedness of our lives and we are called to help others. While the message is very positive, it attracts those of us who already believe in that message. It leaves us feeling good. Can a feelgood story hold the attention of those that think everything is a fight; there is a duality of good and evil, and for them to be right others must be wrong? As we see, in our culture and in countries around the world, there is a rise in this type of thinking that focuses on others religion, cultural background, nationality, and sexual orientation as the problem. They are looking for the fight. It is this population that is less likely to pick up a spiritual book that teaches love and acceptance.
There are many great books, authors, bloggers and spiritual teachers out there. I chose a different path. In The Extricated Soul, I let the characters teach the principles through their life direction, watching the way they live to unfold based on their thoughts and beliefs. The white souls who extricate must heal those in darkness without taking their free will away. This means all free will is protected, including the free will to hurt other human beings. I once thought, “how could God allow that to happen?” That will be another post on another day.

In today’s society, it is rare to find someone who does not know of another who uses their free will to hurt themselves or others. Our political culture is showing us many people who use their free will to hate others based on their color, religion or sexual preference. And others may use their free will to sexually, physically and emotionally abuse others. Many of these acts fall under the criminal and mental health label in our society today. They are not seen as a spiritual illness but as an illness of the mind/personality. Even the most talented mental health professionals have limited ability to cure many mental health issues with a pill, or therapy. If we start to shift our paradigm, we may find a place for spiritual healings to occur. Can a murderer find compassion for his/her victims and their loved ones? Can a victim have forgiveness for the one/s that hurt them? I believe they can, but it does not come in a pill or a prison cell. It comes from the soul that dwells within. When the ego blocks the light of the soul, we see crime, murder, abuse and hate rise. When the soul is free to express, it’s light will shine through the life of the human it dwells. Does the soul serve the human or do we serve the soul?


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